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BitNexus is an innovative and community driven cryptocurrency for everyone. BitNexus is the first of X16S coin with multi-level masternode system that offers a benefits to users and investors. The old name of BitNexus is BitcoinNodes, which had been takeover by community and renamed to BitNexus. BitcoinNode was built on top of BitCoin and DASH code-base with NeoScrypt algorithm. We created BitNexus to be the next generation of BitcoinNode.


100% ASIC Resistant with X16S

X16S is a new innovation hashing algorithm, which is 100% ASIC Resistant. ASIC resistance means that everyone can earn BTNX with mining which superior, efficient, and fair.

Two-Levels MasterNode

  • Standard masternode
    Requires 10,000 BTNX, got 50% of block rewards. (10 BTNX)
  • Super masternode
    Requires 50,000 BTNX, got 200% of block rewards. (40 BTNX)
Currenly, block reward is 20 BTNX.

Fast Transaction

Every transaction will be notified to both receiver and sender in a second after submit. Then, the pending transactions will be encoded and connected to the blockchain with X16S hashing algorithm. Every transaction has full transparency, control and all transactions are permanent, meaning they cannot be changed or erased.

Active and innovative Development

We are blockchain developer expert team. We have achieved excellence in building alt cryptocurrency projects. And we love it! and never stop. Let’s do great work together to continue this passion.

Community Driven

BitNexus project is a development initiative that provides control of the development process, resources and decision making authority directly to groups in the community. Join us.

Strong Partners

BitNexus project has strong partners with other alt cryptocurrency communities such as Brofist(PEW), AlphaNode(ALN), Bankitt(BKT) and VIOG. We also do not stop to find more partners.

If you would like to support the project, you can donate to our development fund.
Thank you to donators:
vit#9024(10,000 BTNX), dennsk#8485 (10,000 BTNX), CryptoJSYang#6196 (60,000 BTNX)


Coin Name: BitNexus
Coin Ticker: BTNX
POW Hashing Algorithm : X16S (100% ASIC Resistant), Dark Gravity Wave
Block Time 150 sec.
Block Reward 20 BTNX
10 BTNX for Miner, 10 BTNX and 40 BTNX for Masternode.
Two Level Master Nodes:
  • Standard: Required 10,000 BTNX, got 50% Reward (10 BTNX)
  • Supernode: Required 50,000 BTNX, got 200% Reward (40 BTNX)
Coin Supply 4.1 Millions per year. 21 Millions in 5 years.
Premine Blocked.


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